G7 Accountability Working Group (AWG)

Accountability and transparency are core principles of the G7 and are essential in order to maintain the credibility of the decisions of the G7.

At the G8 Summit in 2007 in Heiligendamm, Germany, members of the G8 introduced the idea of building a system of accountability for the G8. In 2009, the Italian Presidency formally launched this mechanism in L’Aquila and approved the first, preliminary Accountability Report and the Terms of Reference for the G7 Accountability Working Group (AWG). Each of the subsequent Summits has adopted an Accountability Report (Progress Report since 2012) prepared by the AWG, which every three years presents a comprehensive review of the G7 commitments identified for monitoring purposes and develops sector-focused reports in interim years.

These reports aim at assessing the implementation of development and development-related commitments made at G7 Summits, using a methodology which is based on specific baselines, indicators and data sources.

The reports cover G7 Leaders’ commitments relating to the previous 6 years or earlier commitments still considered to be relevant.

The AWG draws on the knowledge of relevant sectoral experts and provides both qualitative and quantitative information.

For 2017, the Italian Presidency of the G7 has chosen Education to be the theme for the Progress Report of the Accountability Working Group.


G7 Accountability Working Group
G7 Accountability Working Group