March 2017

The G7 Ministers of Culture signed "The Florence Declaration"
The document relaunches the cooperation for the protection of cultural heritage and against the illegal trafficking of art.
Strengthening Unite4Heritage initiative, a priority of the G7 Culture
Protection and conservation of the world's artistic heritage is one of the goals of the Florence meeting.
The first G7 on Culture is about to start
The event will take place in Florence on March 30-31. Key topic: "culture as a tool for dialogue between peoples".
Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta intervened at IAI Conference on the Role of the G7 for Global Macroeconomic Stability
The conference on “Major Challenges for Global Macroeconomic Stability and the Role of the G7” organized by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) was held in Rome on 27-28 March.
The new EU and the G7: many common challenges
On March 25, the EU countries’ Leaders gathered in Rome to revive the joint commitment for the European project. Key themes: security, migration, sustainable growth and social development. All these priorities are central for the Italian G7 as well.
G7 Energy: technical sector employment workshop ahead of the Ministerial meeting
Providing the creation of a platform for collecting energy jobs data in the countries of the G7 and the European Union.
First meeting of the G7 Academies
Experts from the G7 national science academies met in Rome for the first time, as part of the process leading up to the Taormina Summit.
Call for candidates to the G7 Youth Summit
People between 18 and 27 years of age, with an excellent knowledge of English and interest in innovation, are invited to apply.
B7-Italy: Global Trade, Innovation and Sustainability
President of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia outlines the priorities of the Business Summit that will take place in Rome on March 30-31.
Second meeting of the G7 Sherpas in Florence
Two days of preparatory work ahead of the Taormina Summit on May 26-27.