April 2017

30 days left to the G7 Summit in Taormina
The countdown to the great international event has begun. Negotiations and organization work are ongoing.
G7 Transport Experts Meeting
Representatives from the G7 countries addressed various aspects of the key topic chose by the Italian Presidency: “Rediscovering the social value of infrastructures”
G7 Workshop on Marine Litter
The Environment Ministry organized a meeting in Rome to discuss the implementation of the Action Plan agreed during the 2015 G7 Presidency.
Civil 7, the G7 of civil society
On April 20-21 the Foreign Affairs Ministry hosts the meeting between representatives of civil society of the G7 Member States ahead of the Taormina Summit.
First Meeting of the Rome-Lyon Group. Key topic: counter-terrorism.
Representatives of the G7 countries agreed that joint international strategies are the best tools to tackle criminal and terrorist activities.
A history of the G7 Ministerial Meetings
The first round of meetings devoted to Culture, Energy and Foreign Affairs has ended. Here is the history of all the ministerial meetings to be held during the Italian Presidency.
G7 Foreign Affairs documents
During the meeting in Lucca, the Foreign Ministers addressed several current international issues
Rome G7 Energy draws to a close
Energy security, new drivers, energy transition and partnership with Africa among the main topics discussed during the two-day event