Deauville Partnership Senior Officials’ Meeting (Rome, November 21)
G7 Innovation Week (Turin, September 25-30)
I-7 (Turin, September 25)
G7 Key Messages on Public Integrity adopted by the Anti-Corruption Working Group
Meeting G7++ Friends of the Gulf of Guinea (Rome, June 26-27)
The 2017 International G7/G20 Parliamentarians’ Conference “The Challenges of a World on the Move: Migration and Gender Equality, Women’s Agency and Sustainable Development” (Rome, May 4-5, 2017)
Nuclear Safety and Security Group (NSSG)
Youth 7 (Rome, May 7-9)
Think Tank 7 (Rome, May 5)
Women 7, (Rome, April 7-8)
Deauville Partnership Senior Officials’ Conference on Economic Governance and Human Capital Development (Paris, March 30)