Logo and identity

The logo for the Italian G7 Presidency is the graphic representation of those values underpinning the Taormina Summit: humanism, culture and dialogue. These are the ideals and principles that our country intends to promote as the basis of G7 action. Thus shall we capture the essence of the land hosting the summit.

The sequence of concentric semicircles signifies the Greek theater, exalting its forms and colors: the blue-green color stands for institutions, but also evokes the shades of the Mediterranean Sea – historic cradle of European values as well as a crossroads for humanity. The sinuous lines were chosen to suggest harmony and hope, two of the founding assumptions of the Summit.

This land, Sicily, is a symbol of the migration phenomenon, a beacon of humane hospitality and an example of the new life offered those escaping war and poverty. The window on the Mediterranean Sea is emblematic of the coexistence of diverse cultures, friendship among populations and an innate sense of hospitality.

The concept behind the logo, therefore, is also based on the belief that where past and future meet so will new horizons for humanity appear. This in the face of extremist threats and violent radicalism, contributing thereby to growth, to sustainable development and to socioeconomic prosperity.