Legal note


The Presidency of the Council of Ministers has launched a website (from here on “the site”) where information, news, and documentation regarding the Italian G7 Presidency of 2017 will be published. On this page, you can read legal information relative to the use of the site. This document may be modified at any time and without warning. You are therefore invited to consult this page regularly in order to be sure you have updated information. You can reach this page from any other page on the site by clicking on the “Legal Note” link.


Consulting, downloading or using the information on this site in any other way implies the acceptance of this legal note and of the license conditions under which the site was published. Unless indicated otherwise, the contents published on this site (text, images, photographs, video, etc.) fall under the license CC-BY 3.0. The full text of this license can be viewed at: This means that, unless specifically indicated otherwise, the contents on this site can be distributed and reused as long as the source is cited clearly and – where possible – a link to the original website provided.

Use of the site and downloads

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers will make every effort to maintain the quality of the information published on the site, and to ensure that it is as reliable, updated, complete, and timely as possible, as well as easy to consult and to access. Comments and suggestions are welcome at the following address: In no case shall the Presidency of the Council of Ministers be held responsible for damage of any kind caused directly or indirectly by accessing the site or by the impossibility of accessing it. The Presidency of the Council of Ministers, furthermore, shall not be held responsible in any way for the means by which users access the site (connectivity). Unless indicated otherwise, the documents available to download from this site – such as, but not exclusively, legal norms or software – are free. Should this not be the case, a specific warning indicating as much will appear.

Links to outside sites

Links to outside sites, available on this site, are merely a service to users. The Presidency of the Council of Ministers shall in no way be held responsible for the accuracy of those links. Nor does providing those links imply approval of or any sort of shared responsibility for information contained on those sites on the part of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.


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