Agriculture Ministerial Meeting

Agriculture Ministerial MeetingThe G7 Agriculture ministerial meeting was held at Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo on 14 and 15 October. The Agriculture Ministers of the G7 Countries, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Economy of the African Union, representatives of the European Union and international organizations such as FAO, OECD, IFAD and the World Food Program attended the meeting. The President of Slow Food was also in the agenda.

The main topics of the discussion included the protection of producers' income amid the market crises or emergencies related to natural disasters and climate change and the role of agricultural cooperation in migration management. The current crises in this sector are no longer due only to the market but also to natural phenomena such as earthquakes and climate change. This requires a discussion and urges governments to act immediately to provide concrete tools to farmers as well as to safeguard their income worldwide. This topic is interconnected with another big global issue, that of migration, which was at the heart of the World Food Day on October 16th.

The ministerial meeting was preceded by a week dedicated entirely to agriculture with events, conferences and workshops. Over 50 meetings and training sessions addressed to citizens of all ages. The goal is to create a large laboratory of shared ideas and proposals involving local institutions, international organizations, starting with FAO, IFAD, WFP and OECD, leading civil society players such as Slow Food, Cesvi and One Campaign.


Final Declaration



Maurizio Martina
Thérèse Coffey
Christian Schmidt
Hiromichi Matsushima
Stéphane Travert
Sonny Perdue
Lawrence Macaulay
Phil Hogan
Ken Ash
Jose Graziano Da Silva
Michel Mordasini
Josefa Leonel Coreia Sacko
Amir Abdulla


The ministerial meeting was held at Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo. The city has very ancient origins: built by the Romans as a fortified citadel thanks to its strategic hilltop position, it has passed through the centuries to the present day, keeping its beauty intact. Continue


Agriculture Ministerial Meeting