First Meeting of the Working Group on Human Mobility

First Meeting of the Working Group on Human Mobility
First Meeting of the Working Group on Human Mobility

On Friday, March 17, it took place in Rome the first meeting of the G7 Working Group on Human Mobility, created by the Italian G7 presidency.

After a first video conference held last February 27th, the Group's work is now getting into the heart of the discussion. During the meeting held in Rome on Friday, the experts addressed many aspects of what the Italian government has listed as a priority of the G7 Presidency: the issue of human mobility. A choice based on the assumption that the current dimension of the migratory phenomenon requires a global approach and the need to find common solutions, for which the G7 countries can make an important contribution by supporting the development of the Global Compacts launched during the last United Nations General Assembly.

One of the aim of this G7 effort is the shifting from an emergency approach to a more comprehensive and long-term one, based on the concept of human development introduced by the SDG 10.7 of Agenda 2030.

The discussion of the Working Group has focused in particular on the structure of the document that will consist on the G7 Common "Vision" on Human Mobility that will be released at the Taormina Summit.

During the meeting, it emerged consensus on the approach proposed by the Italian Presidency, as well as a good balance regarding the focuses of the document: investments in countries of origin, transit and destination; protection of all the people on the move, in particular the most vulnerable groups; valuing regular and positive migration.

The next meeting of the Group is scheduled on April 10, 2017.