First step of the dialogue between the G7 and civil society

meeting c7
meeting c7

On January 27, the G7 Sherpas met with delegates from the so-called “Civil 7”, in Rome. The C7 is made up of figures from civil society, in particular from the world’s most important NGOs. Discussion revolved around many different issues: environment and climate, food security, nutrition and agriculture, immigration, health, women’s rights and social inequality.

The meeting is part of an ongoing dialogue between G7 governments and civil society, which has gained significant relevance over the last few years. In 2016 more than 100 NGOs were invited to Ise-Shima, for the Japanese Presidency’s Summit.

Under Italy’s Presidency, the G7 will continue to actively involve NGOs, in an effort to further strengthen the dialogue with civil society. The January 27 meeting revealed a consensus over the issues to be addressed, especially those linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030.

C7 representatives at the meeting included delegates of the following organizations: Interaction, World Vision Japan, Amref, Global Citizen, Plan International Canada, Global Health Advocates France, World Vision US and WWF Italia. The following groups also participated: Action Contre la Faim, CARE, Oxfam Italia e Germania, ONE, AIDOS, Results Canada, Osservatorio AIDS, Save the Children Italia, ADRA Japan, GCAP Italy/Global, ActionAid Italia, What World Strategies, Transparency International Italy, Iscos Cisl, Caritas Italy. With the representation of so many different purviews, the G7 reaffirms its determination to maintain open communications with civil society.