First technical meeting of the Italian G7 Presidency with ANCI

Primo incontro tecnico tra Presidenza G7 e Anci
Primo incontro tecnico tra Presidenza G7 e Anci

On February 24, 2017 the Italian Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta and Veronica Nicotra, Secretary General of the National Association of Italian Municipalities, had a first technical meeting. The meeting was also attended by Antonella Galdi, Deputy Secretary General of ANCI.

The event focused on the city’s role in the framework of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Urban areas now generate about 80% of global economic growth. They have become an accelerator of opportunity, force-feeding transactions and connections. Skills, talent and expertise cluster in cities, as do trade and markets.

The “People-Centered Smart Cities” will play an essential role in the future in helping people and businesses to benefit from the Next Production Revolution. Global cities, interconnected with other smaller ones, will become the backbone for Smarter Countries.

The three most important factors for development today are indeed concentrated in cities: Enabling Infrastructures (Connectivity, Energy, Logistics); Big Data; Knowledge-Based Capital. Thanks to this potential, businesses emerge, innovation flourishes and cultural wealth spreads. This potential can also help address, through people-centered innovation, social, environmental and productive challenges.

During the meeting, Ambassador Trombetta and Secretary General Nicotra laid the foundation for a close cooperation between the Italian G7 Presidency and ANCI. The aim will be to launch and develop, within the G7 context, a reflection on how cities can become the cradle of this epochal paradigm shift.

Of the various opportunities being explored, one is the creation of a series of Side Events to enhance the "narrative" proposed by Italy in the innovation field, both in the Ministerial Meeting and during the Innovation Week in Turin (25-30 September).