Raffaele Trombetta to IFAD
The Italian Sherpa Raffaele Trombetta illustrated the key topics of the G7 to the International Fund for Agricultural Development
Raffaele Trombetta
Portrait of the diplomat who leads the preparatory work for the Taormina Summit
New event in the G7 agenda: Meeting of the Transport Ministers, June 21-22
Cagliari will host the event, which will focus on the social impact of infrastructure and on advanced technologies for cars and roads.
Italy’s B7 Presidency in 2017 meets the Sherpas
Confindustria illustrated to the G7 Sherpas the priorities of this year’s Summit of the Business organizations
meeting c7
Representatives from non-governmental organizations met with the Sherpas to exchange views on the themes and priorities for this year’s G7.
the Sherpa’s first meeting in Rome
The personal representatives of the G7 Heads of State and of Government kicked off the preparatory process in view of the Taormina Summit.
frecce tricolori
From the Sherpa Meetings to the Engagement Groups, a great deal of work goes into preparing the grand international event.
logo g7 taormina
The logo of the Italian G7 Presidency recalls the values and ideals that our country intends to promote at the basis of the G7 action.