The Italian G7 Presidency begins: the Sherpa’s first meeting in Rome

the Sherpa’s first meeting in Rome
the Sherpa’s first meeting in Rome

The work of the G7 year under Italy’s Presidency got under way with the first meeting of the Group’s Sherpas on January 26-27, in Rome. The G7 Sherpas are the personal representatives of the Heads of State and of Government of the world’s seven most industrially advanced countries. The role they play is named after the figures that guide adventurers to Himalayan peaks. Like the mountain climbing porters, the G7 Sherpas do the heavy lifting, overcoming obstacles and safely navigating the chosen paths, thereby defining those positions that will be undersigned at the Summit, on important global issues.

The meeting planned the path to the Taormina Summit, to be held on May 26-27. On this occasion, the Italian government will host the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Sherpas discussed the topics and goals proposed by the Italian Presidency for the year, particularly: global economy and trade, climate and energy, innovation, new skills and the future of labor, women empowerment and human mobility.

The meeting ended with an overview of the issues that will be addressed during the first Ministerial Meeting on Culture to be held in Florence on March 30-31.