Towards the G7 Labor: focus on labor market developments.
The transformations of the labor market triggered by technologies and the spread of automation will be at the center of the G7 Labor Ministerial Meeting in September.
15th Conference of Presidents of the G7 Lower Houses in Rome. Focus on preventing and countering terrorism.
Citizens’ engagement, fight against inequalities and sustainable development among the other key topics addressed during the meeting.
Towards the G7 Industry/ICT: Focus on Industry 4.0
Industrial transformation, enabled by digital technologies, data and advanced robotics, will be one of the key topics of the Industry/ICT Ministerial Meeting.
Preparatory works are ongoing for the engagement group that aims to stimulate governments on the use of new technologies to serve citizens.
G7 Group of Friends of the Gulf of Guinea (G7++ FoGG)
An enlarged group of countries addressed several topics, from fighting against piracy to tackling the traffic of human beings.
The G7 Transportation Ministers agreed completely on the social value of infrastructures
The Cagliari meeting concluded with the adoption of a joint declaration promoting the participation of stakeholders and local communities in relevant decision-making processes.
On June 21-22 Cagliari hosts the G7 Transport Minister
Graziano Delrio previews the topics of the meeting, which will mainly focus on economic, environmental and social sustainability of infrastructures