Science Ministerial Meeting

The Ministers of Science and Research met at Venaria Reale (Turin) on September 27 and 28, 2017 for the G7 Science, which, together with the Ministerial meetings of Industry and Labour, were part of the G7 Innovation Week, organized by the Italian G7 Presidency and dedicated to the global challenges posed by the "Next Production Revolution".

The discussion of the G7 Science was articulated in three sessions. The first was dedicated to the tools to ensure that the training of researchers, with particular attention to women and young people, includes the formal and informal skills required by the new technological paradigm.

The second session addressed the policy and financing system for an inclusive and responsible research. Discussions were focused on how to adapt existing tools and policies by stimulating demand for innovation and new technologies and by redefining public and private intervention. The central issue was to ensure that the benefits generated by the investments contribute to sustainable development goals (SDGs), by increasing the social impact of research policies and by emphasizing the social responsibility of research activities.

The last session was devoted to discussing how to increase synergies to create global research infrastructures, including e-infrastructures, which make results of the research activity accessible and reusable in all fields.


Valeria Fedeli
John Neil Loughead
Johanna Wanka
Yuko Harayama
Alain Beretz
France Cordova
Kirsty Duncan
Carlos Moedas


The Ministerial Meeting was held at the Palace of Venaria Reale, UNESCO World Heritage site located in the metropolitan area of Turin. Ancient Roman city, Italy’s first capital and for decades center of the Italian industry, Turin has been shaped over the centuries by several identities, which significantly marked its historical, architectural and artistic heritage. Continue to read…


Science Ministerial Meeting