A Symposium on growth, inequality and regulation opens the G7 Meeting in Bari
Topics included the promotion of inclusive growth, the fight against inequality and the links between finance, regulation and growth.
Why holding a G7 Meeting in Southern Italy?
Finance Minister Padoan and Bank of Italy Governor Visco highlight the reasons in choosing Bari to host the Finance Ministerial Meeting.
Delegates of the Youth 7 delivered their proposals to the G7
Italian Sherpa Raffaele Trombetta received the Final Communiquè of the engagement group and highlighted the G7 Presidency’s support to the new generations’ requests.
The OECD launched the Report "The Next Production Revolution"
The central themes of the Report will be addressed during the G7 Innovation Week to be held in Turin at the end of September.
The role of education in a globalized world
The event, held in Bologna under the auspices of the Italian G7 Presidency, focused on the role of education systems in promoting global citizenship and sustainability education.
International Parliamentarians Conference
Over 100 parliamentarians, observers and speakers from G7 and G20 countries as well as from some emerging economies addressed migration and gender equality, women’s agency and sustainable development.
First meeting of the G7 Expert Group on Peacekeeping and Peace-building
The meeting focused on the training of the UN Blue Helmets and police units to be deployed in peacekeeping operations
On May 7-8-9 Rome will host the G7 Youth Summit
Delegates between 18 and 27 years old from G7 countries will attend the meeting. Key topic: "Rethinking Innovation as a Catalyst of Inclusive, Open and Sustainable Growth"